Monday Morning Quarterback: PR Measurement

By mj

Social media was supposed to make measuring PR’s ROI easier, more clear, and establish a more linear connection to sales. And it has, kind of…

PR’s role in marketing is evolving to the point where the categories PR measurement is applied to are more CRM and customer acquisition focused than “impressions” and “ad equivalency.”

But PR people are more aware of this shift than their clients or CMOs are, as the latter still relying on ad equiv and impression reports as benchmarks while the conversations among PR people regarding measurement are way ahead of that.

Here’s a taste:

Putting the Public Back in PR Measurement (Valeria Maltoni) – “Measuring ROI (return on investment) on communications is viewed as an achievable goal by the overwhelming majority of professional communicators. Yet, PR professionals still tend to judge their success criteria more by their ability to place material in the media rather than on the impact such coverage might have on shifting opinion, awareness, or moving markets, although there is evidence that this is changing.”

Public Relations Measurement 2010: Five Things to Forget & Five Things to Learn (Don Bartholomew aka “Metrics Man”) –
“Public relations measurement is at a crossroads. Old techniques are no longer sufficient. Old metrics are no longer applicable. Old thinking must be replaced by new. The need for accountability, and to prove the value of PR and social media programs, has never been greater.”

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