Google, Facebook Deliver Holiday Social Media Gifts for Brands

By Jonathan Gang

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Just in time for the holidays, Google and Facebook recently dropped some big techy lumps into the marketing stockings of social media elves during this season of cheer.

As the brand pages rivalry begins to heat-up, they have conveniently dumped important features in our laps and new features are being added every day. With the recent announcement of Twitter brand pages being thrown down the chimney, your changing 2012 social media strategy unfortunately may be on your mind mixed in with the extra stiff egg nog.

So, what’s under the bow?

Google+ Multiple Page Administrators: Google+ recently launched their brand pages with much fanfare (that quickly fizzled) as users realized the massive amount of limitations and missing features of the platform (including the issue of only one page admin allowed). But, now that’s changed. Google will now allow brands to delegate as many as 50 managers and administrators who can control a brand page.

Google+ Page Activity Notifications: At the launch, notifications for page activity was curiously a missing feature. Now, page admins and users will be able to see an aggregate number of users who have +1’ed the page or added it to a circle.

Google+ added a number of minor new features not specific to brand pages, as well, which you can check out here, such as volume control, sneak preview notifications and lightbox for photo galleries.

Facebook to Include Sponsored Stories in News Feeds: A boon to brands and a grinch to consumers, there was a bit of buzz when Facebook announced they will migrate the Sponsored Stories platform into what has been previously considered hallowed ground – a user’s news feed. While initial user reaction is expected to be angry, it will most likely calm down as the sponsored news will only show up once a day by brands the user has liked, according to Facebook. Read more at

Facebook Testing Private Messaging Between Business Pages and Fans: Though it’s still in beta testing and not much is known, there is potentially CRM-changing news that businesses could have the ability to carry on a two-way conversation via Facebook with customers and augment phone, email and live chat, taking the conversation off the public realm. While it could be a good and bad thing, it will definitely rewrite the way businesses use pages and change the value of their “fans.” Read more at

New Year’s Resolution: Stay nimble. And, understanding the platforms and your consumers will be key for outdoor brands more than ever before.

Happy Holidays!

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Jonathan Gang