10 Apps to Help You Enjoy the Outdoors, Part II

By Courtney Harkins

It’s the new way of experiencing the outdoors – go outside, have an adventure, come back and see your stats online. More and more apps keep popping up to help you track your journeys, whether you’re on your bicycle, surfboard, skis or just your own two feet. Here is the second part of our favorite outdoor industry data capturing apps. For part one, click here.


An app built for the snowsports industry, Snocru combines data tracking with a social aspect. The app measures your speed, distance, altitude and more, but it also helps you find fellow shredders. Came to Vail with ten people? Some are probably great skiers, some probably can’t get off the bunny slope and some never left the bloody marys at the bar. But when you want to meet up later, there is a GPS-based satellite map with all of your friends’ locations on the mountain and it gives you directions to the nearest après watering hole.

Snocru also gives you badges based on your season’s ski adventures. It will post those to your Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to totally get caught by your boss when you take a “sick day.” It’s also easy to take pictures and post updates that push to both Facebook and Twitter.




There’s nothing quite like riding your bike or running to good music. But if you hear one more gosh darn Spotify ad or another Lady Gaga song, you’re going to fling your iPhone into the road. Instead, download SoundCloud, an app where artists post songs, mashups and podcasts. You might hear some Lady Gaga, but at least it will be combined with other jams. Unlike Spotify and some other music services, Soundcloud doesn’t offer “offline” streaming, so make sure you stick to front-country pursuits when using the app.




You live in one of the coolest climbing spots in the country and you keep climbing the same location?! We thought so. Now there is rakkup, a new digital climbing guidebook app that provides you with turn-by-turn GPS navigation, just like the kind that yells at you in your car.

The app also supplies topo maps and important information about the climb. Some routes even offer gear recommendations, pitch grades, average time and the history of the climb. Plus, if you get totally lost on your trip up the rock, the GPS navigation will reroute you, getting you back to your original location.



Ski School

So you want to be the next Bode Miller, but we’ve seen you – you look like a cat on ice. You could always go take lessons, but those are expensive and the ski school building always smells like chicken fingers and sweat. Instead, download the Ski School app, which supplies step-by-step instructions on how to ski. Panicking on the chairlift? Watch a gorgeous video of your “portable ski instructor” on your phone and imitate him on the way down.

Say you’re getting better; you can then download the Ski School Advanced app, which allows you to video yourself practicing your turns. You can then do a split screen video analysis, comparing yourself to the instructor. Once your turns start to look like Lindsay Vonn’s, share it on social media.




Alright, this isn’t really an outdoor app, but it’s a necessary part of the outdoor experience. This app lets you explore different breweries and taprooms in your neighborhood and tells you which bars serve your favorite beers.

If you get really into it, there’s an area where you can learn of the latest trends and craft beer news. You can even update the tap list of your local bar to win prizes. But remember, you’ll be pretty dehydrated after your athletic feat, so don’t drink too much and bike home. It’s dangerous.


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Courtney Harkins