How to Win at Retail Today with Ken Gart

By Craig Randall

“Smaller companies that are nimble, as well as willing to do things that create loyalty, will find more opportunities than bigger companies that are stuck in their ways.”

- Ken Gart


What is going on in the retail world today? From small companies, to the big ones, to the online retailers that have been dominating the industry, we discuss ways you can still win within today’s extremely competitive retail market.

Ken Gart joins us to provide tips and tricks at how to dominate the retail industry, already having done so himself. Ken Gart is the Bike Czar of Colorado, as well as one of the best retailers in the game, having transformed the market in Colorado. Besides dominating the retail industry, Ken has a strong passion for outdoor activities such as skiing and cycling.


  • Ken was born into a family involved in the sports business!
  • Amazon is the biggest factor into why Sports Authority has gone bankrupt.
  • The retail will continue to be shattered by the spread of Amazon-like verticals.
  • Every retail player is vulnerable at this point in time.
  • However, change brings opportunities.
  • The product or service you offer that is distinct will become an opportunity in the future.
  • You have to be doing something different in the retail industry in order to survive.
  • Ken is the “The Bike Czar of Colorado.”
  • Ken was able to hold conversations with the governor regarding health and wellness, where he came up with the term “Bike Czar.”
  • The most powerful thing is when you get consumers emotionally bought into it.
  • Everybody can bike! It’s a great way to share the same health initiative.


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Craig Randall

Integrated Services Director