Take Me Outdoors Ep.11: How G3 Went from an Idea to a Globally Recognized Company

By Craig Randall

“If you’re going to make something, make something people want.”

- Oliver Steffen

Oliver Steffen joins us to discuss his practically overnight success with his back country ski products, and all the work it took to get there. Oliver is the founder behind G3, which stands for Genuine Guide Gear. G3 is a global brand that manufactures skins, skis, splitboards, climbing skins, and more! G3 is also the leading brand in the back country ski culture.


  • In Oliver’s first product production experience, he was given a mere 30 days to make the desired item for the agency!
  • Don’t be afraid of falling in the process. Get back up and keep going!
  • If you worry too much about the consequences, it will hold you back.
  • The idea for Oliver’s company name came from a very straightforward thought process: Genuine Guide Gear.
  • Oliver wanted gear that no one was selling at the time, so he created it himself!
  • When building your idea, ask yourself: “How do I get into the headspace of the person that is going to buy my product.”
  • The million dollar question is: “What do people want?”
  • When Oliver took road trips to present to clients, he slept in his van!
  • Be sure to have patience, and perseverance.



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Craig Randall

Integrated Services Director