Verde Reacts to Where The Wild Things Play

By Craig Randall

The new Outdoor Research video “Where the Wild Things Play” will probably exceed 1 million views by Friday (currently at 800,000+). For good reason. The storyline is hilarious and inspiring, the soundtrack is a classic, and it affirms what we already knew (…but can’t see enough of): women crush it in the outdoors.

The 4-minute short was originally released at Mountainfilm in Telluride. Director Krystle Wright aimed to define the state of women in today’s outdoor world in a single word: badass.

Outdoor Research is a Verde client but we’ll try to put our bias aside and simply give them a massive shout out for crushing brand storytelling and content marketing.

They haven’t taken their foot off the gas since “Vanalanche“, the GQ Photo Shoot Spoof, Burrito Buddy and much more.

As a woman-founded-and-led agency, advocating for more women’s recognition and opportunities in the outdoors is in our DNA. With that, our staff–both women and men–react to Where The Wild Things Play.

  • Abby Levene, account coordinator: Finally! An accurate depiction of how badass women (really, just women!) spend their time. Hopefully this video will help shift the normative framework of gender roles, and eventually bring us to a space in which people relish crushing it outdoors. Adventuring and pushing your limits is beyond gender.
  • Jordan Wilstead, junior account manager: This really explains a lot about my life in Jackson. When I’m out getting a beer with my buddies and wondering why there aren’t any girls around, it’s because they are out there on bad-ass missions while I sit there twiddling my thumbs!
  • Becca Katz, senior account manager: I can’t stop watching! It makes me so psyched to be a mountain mama. To all the wild things out there – send hard, laugh lots, and love life. 
  • Jade Eaton, junior account manager: The video represents a much-needed showcase of women we all know, but whose stories are never really told. I personally know countless women–friends, colleagues, family members–who take a no-holds-barred approach to life, and never make excuses for themselves. As bad-ass as all these women in the video are, they’re the rule, not the exception.
  • Laura Friedland, digital account manager: Really awesome to see a dedicated compilation of women getting after it…and taking diggers where it counts! Something that has always stuck with me as a woman in action sports is, “you can’t be what you can’t see,” so videos exposing female badassery are key for inspiring chicks to get out there! Now, to become best friends with every shredder in this video.
  • Scott Kaier, senior account executive: This is what a brand video should be. It’s funny, it’s inspiring and it is empowering to women – a segment of our industry that is too often underserved. Plus the way the soundtrack complements the action in the video is spot on!
  • Christina Erb LoVullo, senior account executive: Where are the ladies at? Where we’ve always been: outside, ripping. This video brought me back to my college days where I spent weekends camping and climbing with three of my best girlfriends. My two-year-old daughter’s climbing shoes arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to take her outside now.
  • Kali Platt, junior account manager: Women are underrepresented in the outdoors, and when represented, can be seen as supporting characters. This video challenges that. This video make me want to scream-sing Helen Reddy’s “I am Woman” as I run out of the office and up the 2nd Flatiron (which I’ve never done but hey, this just gave me some inspo).

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Craig Randall

Integrated Services Director