You’ve Landed Your Dream Media Hit…Now What?

By Stef Walters

If you work in public relations, you know the feeling of landing a killer placement in an A-list publication. It’s a rush! Not quite like dropping into a backcountry bowl after a big snow – but your endorphins are definitely pumping.

However, the work doesn’t stop after you’re holding that nice glossy magazine in your hands. In today’s multimedia landscape, there are a handful of things you can do to fully utilize a quality press hit, whether it’s print or digital. Here are some of our best tips:

Revamp Your Website

One of the easiest things you can do to build third-party credibility on your website is to include a quote from a review and highlight it on your homepage. You can also consider launching a press page to showcase all of your brand’s latest and greatest press clippings.


Go Social

Whether you’re sharing a hit organically or launching a paid ad, PR hits can go a long way with your social media audience. One great way to showcase a hit is to pull a powerful quote from the article and tag the publication and/or journalist who wrote it to show them some love. If you see the outlet post or tweet the article themselves, that’s also a great opportunity to share it directly from their channel. Timeliness is also key, so try to share the hit soon after it was published.

GoSocial1Go Social2


Spread The Word

Don’t stop at social! If your company sends out monthly email newsletters, include one or two notable press hits to show your consumer base what the media is saying about your products. Be sure to include an image along with the link to make it visually appealing and break up some of the other content in your newsletter.

If it’s an online placement that has sharing capabilities, link directly to the post and encourage them to share with their friends and chime in on the conversation.

Arm the Sales Team for Success

Press clippings are the cherry on top to any sales pitch. It’s one thing for a brand to talk about how great their products are, but it hits home a lot quicker when you have an unbiased review from a well-known and respected media outlet.

Whether you’re bringing the latest Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide or have an online media blog for your brand, it’s important for sales reps to have endorsements from credible media sources.


Be Selective

It’s important to note that not all placements require the red-carpet treatment, but for those stellar articles that you’re really proud of and your client is stoked on, the extra mile will really go a long way.

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