Crowdfunding Communications
and Community Growth

Crowdfunding is growing rapidly as an incredible tool for visibility, engagement, market validation, measurement of consumer sentiment, and fundraising lever for both start-ups and established brands.

Over the past three years, Verde’s team of crowdfunding marketing and PR experts has helped entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established companies raise millions of dollars in funding through various crowdfunding platforms. Through these front-line experiences, the Verde team has built a fluency with crowdfunding for clients: we know what makes or breaks a successful campaign and will diligently craft strategies that will lead to success from day one for our clients.

Through our successful crowdfunding campaign support, Verde helps clients enhance their brand visibility and engagement, community building, market validation, leadership positioning, fundraising and business growth. Our support covers the campaign from inception to close. Each crowdfunding campaign is unique, and we'll begin with an intake meeting to ensure that the positioning of the campaign and platform is aligned, and that the success metrics are clear.

Like every Verde service, our approach is integrated. We'll leverage content (including video), storytelling, and positioning on the identified crowdfunding platform and work with our clients to structure incentives. We'll then deploy multiple digital marketing services, including PR, content, social media advertising, and social media management, to support brand's crowdfunding success and drive the campaign well beyond its funding goal. Verde's services can also include capturing data to inform pitch decks that inform market validation for start-ups. 

Menu of Services

  • Consulting on ​P​ositioning ​&​ ​V​ideo/​P​age ​S​cripting ​& Merchandising
  • Consulting on Structuring of C​ampaign, including​:​ ​Duration, Incentives & Networking
  • Pre-Launch Strategy & Calendar Planning
  • Integrated PR & Communications
  • Traditional PR
  • Brand Discovery
  • Content
  • Social Media Channel Management
  • Social Media Ad Management
  • Launch Strategy
  • Campaign Design | Creative, Content Generation, Photography, Video
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Digital Analysis

Contact: For more info and inquiries about Verde's crowdfunding services, please contact: Keith Cozzens, Director