Verde Strategy is a strategic solutions consulting practice addressing business and growth opportunities for companies in the active outdoor lifestyle markets. Led by Verde founder Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, and a team of experienced, C-suite level consultants who work on a per project basis. Verde Strategy focuses on direct-to-consumer transition, sales, marketing and branding, product and retail challenges with special emphasis on the rapidly evolving direct-to-consumer relationship.

Verde Strategy creates thoughtful, practical and market-fluent strategic plans to achieve client growth and success.

Our strategic areas of focus include:

  • Direct-to-consumer business development, from launch to up-leveling

  • Key dealer and new dealer relationship procurement, management and growth

  • International distributor and retailer expansion

  • New market reach and product category expansion

  • Specialty retailer problem-solving and modernizing

  • Organizational structure and strategic planning

Never before has it been more apparent that what got us to where we are in our businesses will NOT be what gets us to the next level.

The Challenge

Companies in the active outdoor lifestyle markets are facing unprecedented shifts in their businesses due to the complex nature of delivering the right product the right way to the right consumer.

Top line growth is soft for many businesses and solutions lie in an expansion equation that includes product innovation, growing the dealer network at home and abroad, and transitioning to a multi-point distribution channel model.

Adding to the challenge, there’s a huge void in the active lifestyle space where few, if any, strategic resources are available to companies struggling with today’s changing consumer landscape. Successfully driving your business through this transition calls for guidance and solutions from unconventional, proven and market-fluent guides.

Most importantly, success demands an integrated approach that serves both the front and back of the house.

Verde Strategy is your new go-to resource for proven strategic solutions to unleash focus, fast progress and growth for your company. From a nimble and successful transition to direct-to-consumer to expanding your brand’s product line or international distribution Verde Strategy is your proven partner.

While change can feel scary, it’s also “exactly the right time to seize opportunity”.

We invite you to embrace disruption and transform your business by working with Verde Strategy as your trusted guide.

Let’s Work Together

We’ll be taking strategy clients starting immediately in 2017. Verde Strategy also offers research and analysis built just for businesses within the outdoor active lifestyle markets. And Verde’s full range of public relations, digital marketing and media services are available to all Verde Strategy clients.

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