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After watching their mother abandon yet another travel bag, Jan and Derek Lo suggested she invent one herself. But as a woman in her mid-60s, Helen Lo wondered how she would get from Point A to Point B. Her sons, Jan and Derek, ditched their respective day jobs in advertising and product design research (and nightly gigs as DJs) to help make Helen’s dream a reality.

Nearly 10 years and more than 20+ product styles later, Lo & Sons is in an ongoing pursuit to create stylish yet functional bags that are built to travel light without compromising functionality and style. Every single high-quality feature of each product is designed to meet the needs of frequent travelers, movers and shakers.

Each bag is thoughtfully designed with features like meticulously placed pockets, compartments for tech essentials, and elements for convenient, smooth travels, like an adjustable sleeve for sliding over suitcase handles. Translation: less fumbling, more globetrotting.

Verde is especially excited to promote Lo & Sons' remarkable brand story, which includes a genuine commitment to sustainability and social responsibility that influences every facet of the company. You can shop Lo & Sons products and learn more about their brand at www.loandsons.com.



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