take me outdoors episode 5: balancing patience and passion with yuri hauswald


“I’ve been able to develop this community of friends that have now become like family to me, and I don’t want to slow down, I want to keep going”

– Yuri Hauswald


Where do competition and community meet? As any of you who have tried to build connections at a business or athletic event know, these two impulses can have opposite effects. Our guest this week is a competitive and community ringleader in the cycling industry. Not only is Yuri Hauswald a serious competitor at racing events, but he’s also a community builder, supporting other athletes personally and in his new job at GU Energy Labs. He’s also sponsored by beloved Verde clients Kitsbow and Chamois Butt’r.

Yuri and I are talking about what it means to be competitive and how to motivate yourself when you know every race only has one winner. We’re digging into patience and passion and why you need both to succeed.

Yuri’s also sharing his story of how he got into cycling and through that into the outdoor industries. He’s talking about the connections he’s made, and why they mean so much to him on and off the track.

This is an amazing episode for entrepreneurs, athletes, and anyone who wants more out of 2017!

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  • Find a job that allows time for your passion. Plan to use your vacation and time off to pursue what you’re passionate about that makes you happy.

  • Not all races and businesses are the same, so know what kind of event, business model or strategy works best for who you are and where you’re going.

  • Don’t be afraid of changing your routine. Look for coaches and mentors that can challenge you and bring new ideas.

  • Choose new events and goals every year to keep yourself on your toes and approaching new challenges.

  • Community can make or break an event or industry. Try to build connections and community for long-term support.

  • Be patient with yourself and with your plan. Don’t let your desire to succeed overpower your training plan.

  • Know what motivates you most. Competition? Community? Goals? Use that to push yourself and plan for the future.

  • Find like-minded people who can make your work fun and exciting. Build a community within your business circles and your personal life.

Campbell Moore