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Business is moving at lightning fast speed. It’s exhilarating and exhausting, depending on the time of day, right? At Channel Mastery, we gravitate toward the exhilarating.

Channel Mastery is a podcast from Verde designed to teach business owners how to excel across multiple platforms. Our mission is to see our listeners not only achieve the growth they want, but also to maintain their success and resiliency in our world’s constantly changing retail landscapes. If you’re a business owner, especially in the outdoor industry, looking for the best way to connect, serve, and sell to today’s consumers then this podcast is what you need. Listen and subscribe today!

This podcast was created to assist business leaders as they transform their companies to optimal multi channel success. Channel Mastery delivers best-in-class tools, strategies, and tactics for multichannel mastery straight from the experts to your earbuds.

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If you have a story idea, please contact Kristin and join the conversation on Twitter at #ChannelMastery.


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KRISTIN carpenter

Each week, Kristin Carpenter – a CEO and industry leader in her own right – interviews an expert in navigating today’s changing market forces and rapid-fire changes in consumer preferences.

The podcast is all about solutions. It’s about vision, stoke, learning, problem-solving and executing: all combining for the win. Yes, commerce and society is changing. Channel Mastery aims to mine that change for opportunity, especially through the lens of the outdoor and active lifestyle markets where Kristin has invested 27 years of her career.


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