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Content creation. Storytelling. Videos. Photos. Words. You know you need it as your customers have a voracious appetite for content, but where to begin? Do you need a video of a cat skateboarding? Do you need a photoshoot of a mountain biker going huge at the Red Bull Rampage? Or a group documenting a trip to Africa about a new clean water initiative? Or maybe you need a print catalog and brand guide. Content can vary a great deal from brand to brand and product to product. We can work with your team creating and producing just the right campaign to be on brand and meet your objectives. All of which can be integrated seamlessly into your website, social channels and media efforts.

Verde was founded by journalists. Our die-hard commitment to creative storytelling and high-quality editorial runs deep. It’s who we are. Verde has the experience and tools to develop strategic content marketing plans that ensure our content is discovered and shared, and that our content services are bottom-line driven for our clients. Great content starts with the ability to make a story sing.

With so many brands on the airwaves, and so many consumers tuned in across multiple platforms and devices, a generalized approach is no longer effective. Verde staff are highly fluent in each category that we represent. Our content is known for being on-brand in the outdoor active lifestyle markets (bike, snow, outdoor and action sports), as well as in travel, consumer electronics, fitness, and natural-products spheres. We know why a product works so well because we are out there using it. Likewise, we know how to make a message heard because we are well-trained at listening.

Our team can develop virtually anything you need, from producing email newsletters, social media campaigns, blog posts, photography and video content, and so much more. We know you have a story to tell, we will help you tell it right.


Content Solutions

  • Campaign content creation

  • Written content production

  • Photo production

  • Photos editing

  • Video product

  • Video editing

  • Live video production: Facebook Live, YouTube

  • Instagram Stories

  • SEO optimization for content

  • Optimized for all your channels

“It’s absolutely critical that this category-specific brand message is strongly in place consistently for our clients and this is an area of specialization for our team.”

—Craig Randall