Dave Simpson

Partner + Senior Director

Dave has worked at Verde Brand Communications since 2003, overseeing a wide range of public-relations and integrated-marketing campaigns for clients in outdoor, fitness, action sports and travel. He has experience across earned, owned and paid media.

Prior to working in PR and marketing, Dave had a decade-long career in journalism, where his experience included reporting on national parks, public lands, wildlife and government in the greater Yellowstone region, as well as working as a newspaper managing editor. He also worked for three years in specialty outdoor retail. Those different experiences, combined with the fact that he's a complete nerd when it comes to technical gear knowledge, naturally led to a career working in communications for outdoor, fitness and travel brands.

In his free time, or for work when he can occasionally get away with it, Dave enjoys skiing, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, travel and good food, not necessarily in that order ... except that skiing is always first on the list.