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To lead a happy life, there are two things you should spend money on this world: A good mattress and really great shoes - in this case that means ski boots. Nothing can ruin a pow day faster than the wrong ski boots. Lange has you covered with the most advanced and researched fits on the market with some of the most experiences team working in the ski industry.

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A great-fitting ski boot is every skier’s most essential piece of equipment. For over 50 years, LANGE’s attention to foot mechanics and desire to help skiers perform better has resulted in some of the most important innovations in ski boot design. Collaboration with the best boot-fitters in the world, and 3D scans of over 20,000 individual feet have led to the development of state-of-the-art solutions in fit and performance for every foot shape. Consistently the industry benchmark, only Lange delivers the award-winning fit and World Cup caliber performance that allows you to Be One with your boots.


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