Lauren Haber


Lauren joined Verde in 2009 as an intern while finishing up a marketing degree from Penn State. Her passion for the outdoors and the brands within our space have kept her hooked. A decade later, Lauren serves as a director on Verde's leadership team. Throughout her tenure at Verde, Lauren has led integrated communications strategy and execution on a range of brands across various industries— from running & cycling to craft beer & spirits.

Although she is in love with the Colorado sunshine, Lauren still has a soft spot in her heart for Pittsburgh (Go Steelers!). She lights up when globetrotting, playing outdoors, cooking, capturing moments, wearing a tutu, challenging others to a bowling match, guzzling Tabasco and gnawing on Habanero peppers (the girl breathes fire), as well as trail running, skiing, fly-fishing and hunting. She prefers to do all of the above alongside her adored friends and family and her dog Tank.

Lauren is based out of Verde's founding office in Durango, Colorado. When she's not at her desk, Lauren is out exploring what the San Juan Mountains have to offer.