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As a pioneering brand in the development of alpine bindings, LOOK has continuously focused on taking innovation to new levels. A visionary in the design of truly iconic and time-tested products, from the LOOK NEVADA in 1957 to the first generation of Pivot Bindings in 1963 to the modern development of SPX and KONECT, our mission today remains the same:Draw inspiration from the past, and invent the skiing of tomorrow.

“The Pivot is the only binding that is trust on my skis. They are bombproof.” - Verde’s Chris Dickerson

With offices in Jackson Hole, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest, we are happy to take some laps on the lift with media and journalists to show you just how awesome these bindings are and how they continue to lead the ski binding industry in technology, thought-leadership, and most importantly, FUN! Give us a call!


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