Siena Teare

Account coordinator

Siena grew up in the beautiful green mountains of Northern Vermont, but eventually moved out west to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. She studied humanities and communications. During her time at CU, Siena was also actively involved with the Freeskiing team both as an athlete and a board member where she co-lead the big mountain program.  

Searching for a job after graduation that would value her love for writing, communications and the outdoors, she applied to Verde and completed a summer internship before being hired on full-time. Verde is where she realized working in PR was exactly what she wanted to be doing, especially when it intersects with all of the things that she’s passionate about.

Siena is now a recreational skier, trail runner, and hiker. She also loves live music (preferably bluegrass) and camping, mainly when there’s good food and beer involved.