website & ecommerce marketing

Hit the beach when your website is complete

If you are doing it right you could be in a tropical paradise right now, as your website does all the hard work…but where to begin?

Having a strong brand identity, product and positioning is the first step to building a successful brand and website. So whether you have a startup or are an established brand looking to freshen up your website, Verde can build and update your website. For most, building a website can be quite intimidating…it is literally a different language that is constantly evolving. Luckily with new user friendly platforms like Shopify and Squarespace, you can have a fast, responsive, and mobile friendly website that is search engine optimized in no time.

We will teach you best practices along the way so you will gain the knowledge to make updates and optimizations post-launch as well (we are happy to help with those too!).

What is unique about our approach is not only our market fluency in the outdoor markets like skiing, snowboarding, climbing and biking and other lifestyle brands/products, but also our experience aligning and leveraging other channels to help drive awareness and traffic to your site and your brand.

Creation and integration of your email marketing channel is good example. Email should be one of your lowest cost and highest converting channels, but that does NOT happen overnight. Through strategic planning, Verde can help grow your email list, and focus on a balance of brand and product related messages that will increase open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. In addition we can help with email automation, from welcome series to post-purchase automated email.

Where it all comes together is the integration and activation of all your channels. Having a search engine optimized (SEO) site that is mobile friendly will help drive your organic and direct traffic - but those efforts are ongoing and will help drive traffic in the long term. In the short term, activating social, paid search, media planning, and public relations channels will help drive immediate awareness and traffic. Together, as your brand grows, all your channels will be working together, not only driving sales, but stengthening your brand and your story.

Through our integrated approach with our clients’ sales and marketing goals in mind, immersion in the outdoor / active lifestyle markets, and plain old hard work, our creative, targeted strategies deliver consistent results for you, which means you can go hit the beach, relax, and go surfing.


WEBSITE and ecommerce services

  • Website development

  • Email newsletter and automation

  • Brand identity and design

  • Product positioning and placement

  • Ecommerce planning

  • Integrated planning across channels

  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO

  • Paid media planning

  • Search Engine Marketing - Google Ads, Google Shopping, etc

  • Display Advertising

  • Responsive design

  • Mobile first / mobile friendly design

  • Shopify Partner, Squarespace, Wordpress and more

  • Email Marketing: Klaviyo and MailChimp Partner

“In the end, the true measure of success is in the results. Since SCARPA began working with Verde 12 years ago, we have grown sales by a factor of 5 times.”

— Kim Miller, CEO, SCARPA North America, Inc.