Under Armour: HOVR Guardian


Protection for the Extra Mile

Every athlete needs a little extra support time to time. For the emotional support, runners have run crews and their run communities; for the training support - run plans and coaches are staples in a runner’s arsenal of tools. And now with the UA HOVR™ Guardian, the runner has footwear built specifically to provide extra support for the long runs. The UA HOVR Guardian is a stability shoe named for its unique ability to help protect from and control over-pronation.

With a DNA similar to the UA HOVR Infinite, the UA HOVR Guardian is built for long distance training. To provide the extra support unique to the shoe, UA HOVR Guardian features a dual density foam construction and a TPU chassis. A supportive chassis decelerates the rate of pronation to promote the body’s most comfortable and efficient foot-strike without feeling bulky or heavy. The shoe also contains an external heel clip which is built for relief on the lateral side and stability on the medial side to help the runner move more efficiently.

A supportive chassis decelerates the rate of pronation. An external heel clip built for relief and stability.

What makes the UA HOVR Guardian’s anatomic design even more remarkable is its gender-specific fit. The shoe is constructed specifically to meet each gender’s anatomical needs with patterns built to accommodate each gender’s dimorphic needs. Strategically-placed stretch and structure in the engineered mesh upper further promotes protection from over-pronation for those who need it. 

The UA HOVR Guardian has an embedded sensor in the midsole of the right-footed shoe that digitally connects seamlessly to the MapMyRun™ app via Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE). The digitally connected shoes can track, analyze, and store detailed running metrics to inform ways to improve performance. New in 2019 is the Gait Coaching feature, which can tell the runner fine-grain details about their stride and provide a holistic view with historical data to predict pace and plan for future runs. In addition to the personalized coaching, runners become a part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community of 245+ million people – all united by a mission to become better.


  • The UA HOVR Guardian is a stability shoe named for its unique ability to help protect and control over-pronation. This shoe has support elements in the heel and in the midfoot that help to guide the foot into the most efficient foot-strike pattern.

  • The UA HOVR Guardian is similar to the UA HOVR Infinite - the shoe includes HOVR cushioning from heel to forefoot and is built for distance training.

  • The UA HOVR Guardian is connected – a pod embedded in the midsole of the right shoe connects via bluetooth to MapMyRun, allowing runners to track their run data without a device, receive virtual personalized coaching on the runner’s gait, stride length, pace and more. All these metrics help to guide the runner to make their runs more efficient and connect them to a community of 245+ million people around the world.

  • 26.5 MM Heel / 18.5 MM Forefoot

  • Men's Weight (Size 9): 12 oz.

  • Women’s Weight (Size 7): 9.8 oz

  • MSRP: $120 USD

  • Availability: Globally, February 1, 2019

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