authentic brand amplification

how to increase conversion rates and leverage your media coverage


Good news! You just received editor’s pick in a major publication! While this is great to drive awareness, why not leverage the media hit into something bigger?

By using media coverage, you can become a multi-channel marketing genius (and impress your boss!) that will increase conversion, improve your SEO, drive customer loyalty AND build even greater awareness for your brand and high-quality products.

Maximize Media Placements Explained

Pro Tip: Always start with the Product Detail page and work your way out.

product detail page

Adding information about a media award or coverage will provide an independent 3rd party validation for your brand and product and reinforce positive consumer reviews, which will lead to a higher likelihood of conversion, whether it is online, in-store, or while users are conducting product research.

  • Add the award badge to the main product image

  • Create an awards section with the badge and live text copy so Google can read that you won!

  • Depending on your CMS platform, you may be able to add a callout/flag on category pages


Most homepages see a lot of traffic, utilize media placements to highlight a product, create awareness and help legitimize your brand and products.

  • Feature the award and product on your homepage

  • Explore adding publisher logos (with permission) in a media section on your homepage

Pro Tip: If you provide an external link to an article, ALWAYS open it in a new window.


Did you know email should be your highest converting/lowest cost channel? That is why it’s important to ensure your email program is consistent with a mixture of branded and promotional content. An award highlight is a great opportunity to connect with users in a ‘non-sales-y’ way.

  • Send out an email highlighting and linking the coverage of the award

  • Include a product image and link to your product detail page

  • Look for opportunities to segment and retarget people on your list that may be interested or on the fence about purchasing the product

  • Supporting the publisher helps drives readership and their business (win/win!)

Social Media

  • Share the news and/or the link across your social media platforms

  • Boost or create an ad of your news to relevant audience and fans

  • Experiment with ways to use Instagram Stories and other features to spread the news

  • Tell your brand ambassadors, see what they can come up with to help share the news to their audiences in an authentic way

Pro Tip: In some cases, the product image is NOT associated with an article, in this case, feel free to use your own imagery and add the URL to the body copy of the post.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Create ‘longtail’ keyword campaigns around the publication and your brand/product

  • Retarget user with campaigns based on past visits to your site and specific product detail pages

Go In-depth

Ready to take it to the next step? Going in-depth with content can drive organic traffic and SEO!

  • Create a landing page with details about the product, technology, and recent coverage, include a pull quote and imagery from the article the award/product was featured in

  • Use a mix of internal and external links (remember to open them in a new browser window)

Pro Tip: Use live text to be SEO friendly to drive organic traffic